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Temperatur loggers TRID-30-7F

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Applications: Temperature measurement where recorded data needs to be accessed without a PC.


  • Temperature range -30°C … +60°C
  • Accuracy better than ±0.5°C (typically 0.3°C)
  • Display with integrated rolling 30 day statistics memory, for maximum, minimum, duration of violations and others…
  • 7,770 data points allow 80 days of recording at 15 minute sampling intervals
  • Sampling interval configurable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes.
  • 2 models are available:
  • TRID30-7F with soldered battery (recommended) and typically a 2 year battery life
  • TRID30-7R with user-replaceable battery (CR2032) and typically a 1 year battery life



The LogTag TRID30-7 temperature recorder features a display together with data logging function and a separate rolling 30 day statistical max/min reading and duration memory which can be reviewed on the display.

Suitable for applications requiring a visual display of current temperature and history such as cool rooms, refrigerators, etc but also can be used in transit applications where a direct readout of the statistical data is required without use of a computer or readout device.

The display arrangement is designed to provide ‘at a glance’ if temperature violations have occurred for both the current reading and up to the last 30 days. Details of any excursions can be checked directly by inspecting the statistics history on the recorder’s display or in more detail by downloading the logged data. If a reading outside the pre-set “Alarm” limits is recorded at any time, a “day alarm indicator” appears on the display.

Logged data can be downloaded via a standard LogTag Interface to the companion software LogTag Analyzer which provides facilities for displaying data in chart, table or statistical formats and allows electronic archiving, export or transmission of the data in support of sophisticated data management systems.